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A Country Gone to the Dogs


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Kenya is a country literally gone to the dogs. A powerful gang of drug dealers has taken over the country with their illicit trade and only one man, an emigrant from Yemen working at the FBI – Idris Yassin – can stop them. He however finds himself the target of one hitman at the coccain churning factory in Afghanistan and the Kenyan gang. His bosses at the Edgar Hoover building housing the FBI on pennsylvavia Avenue do not want to antagonise Mohammed, the owner of the drug factory fearing for the loss of his co operation in a war in Afghanistan to drive the Al Qaida out of town…..
The Kenyan drug lords in the meantime acquire the ultimate prize, political power. Idris and his partner John Maguire are silently threatened and held hostage in an hotel in mombasa. Idris’ sickly father is held hostage in Boston and Maguire is threatened with a not very pleasant dossier about a murder he commited before being hired at the FBI…….

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