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A Mosaic of Stories


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Mutiso was happy! It was the end of the month and he had money. He was on his way to the shopping centre, about three kilometres away from his home and work place.
Giving a sigh of pleasure, Mutiso whistled as he walked along the tree-lined road towards the shops. He had been looking forward to this day to make the weekly visit to the shopping centre. He would then buy this week’s supply of food and meet his friends.
Saturday is the best day of the week, he thought. I will buy a newspaper and drink beer with my friends. He quickened his pace a little in anticipation. It was their custom to gather at the end of the week. They liked having fun; sipping their beers, enjoying each mouthful and trying to make the bitter liquid last as long as possible. There was always a lot of laughter and teasing as Mutiso and his friends talked about their homes and the people they knew. Most of the time was spent gassing away.
A group of friends had seen him from a distance and were waiting for him under a tree.

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