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Apa Pant In East Africa


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“I have sought to focus this compilation
essentially on Apa Pant’s period in East Africa.
To this end, the material includes details about
his life and work before his assignment, and there
is little dealing with the long period thereafter. I
would like to thank all the following persons who
assisted me with producing this compilation:
Zahid Rajan who as publisher of Awaaz first
suggested this topic to me several months ago,
then gave me the benefit of several
postponements because of other work pressures
and finally pushed me to complete the task; Mrs.
Leela Patel, a very close friend of Pant together
with her late husband Suryakant starting with
his period in East Africa, who was kind enough
to provide me with many of the photographs
supporting this commentary; Aditi and Aniket
Pant who put up with my constant barrage of
emails and requests for photos. Robert Gregory
and Peter Wright for meeting with me and
sharing their first hand experiences, having had
long standing personal contacts with Pant before
and after his East African tenure for their
contributions as well as many interesting
conversations over past years; and Angelo Faria
who had lived in Kenya during Pant’s tenure,
with whom I had a protracted interaction during
this compilation, and for the substantial
analytical piece (and rebuttals) that he prepared
at relatively short notice and within tight

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