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Arise and Shine


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“The misconceived adage that the woman’s place is in the kitchen must be buried and forgotten. It’s time for women to speak out and take a firm grip in national development alongside their men counterparts. They must realise that God put in them all a very invaluable asset, namely, the brain. And there’s no limit as to how one can use his or her brain.” Arise and Shine is a pragmatic portrayal of the potential that’s inherent in the female gender amongst the population. It expresses quite clearly that time is ripe for girls and women to assume their rightful places in the clamour for recognition and active participation in all aspects of development, particularly in the political arena. It is through the treacherous, trying and turbulent lives of Nancy and Seith in particular that we realize how by being focused, firm and determined, any SHE can reach the goal of her dream.

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