Attack of the Shidas



In a desert town in the far north, people from three communities depend on a borehole for all their water. But the borehole is being emptied at night. Water is running out! The three communities accuse each other of stealing water. People start quarreling. Tosha, Shana and Pato discover that they have special powers. Only they know that the water thieves are invisible aliens from a dry planet but nobody believes what three children have to say. Can they stop the aliens from sucking all the water in the borehole before war breaks out? “This is a very beautiful place. The names used in the book are interesting: Shidas suggest that the bearer of the name experiences a lot of problems. The issue of discrimination is well captured. We see people being rewarded simply because they are from a particular region. Discrimination also comes out when the mistakes of an individual are assumed to be that of their tribe. Readers are also drawn to the arrogance of leaders. The misuse of resources causes problems which those in high office are not bothered to address.”

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