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Battled Hopes


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Battled Hopes for New Horizons is a fascinating exposition of how focus, discipline and sense of purpose are requisites in the quest for one’s aspirations in life. Success is for the toughest and most tenacious. After all, a bright dawn follows the darkest of nights.
Wacharo has her eyes firmly fixed on the prize, and nothing will set her back. Being in a problem is not the problem; how you behave in the problem is the problem. Her hopes for a brighter future, like the horizon, are renewed like a new day. Her outlook on life is a challenge to us, to do all it takes to make the world a better place to live in. –From the back cover
Worldreader presents this e-book in a new series showcasing fiction from Sub-Saharan Africa. Are you a worldreader? Read more about this not-for-profit social enterprise at

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