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Bulemu the Bastard


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Young Bulemu, bewildered, lost and desperate for a home, dives headlong into a world of heartless men and women, criminals, prostitutes, layabouts, and scavengers. His mother dies a painful death in a mental hospital, leaving for himself. The man supposed to be his father flees his village home and settles in the city with a wayward woman who “cleans” his pockets. The agonizing truth glares at Bulemu. He is alone. Yes, he is a disease ridden bastard who has no more flesh on his bones than the skin of his teeth. Yet way out in the distance hangs the elusive shining star of hope and with firm, steady feet Bulemu goes on a grand pilgrimage at the end of which he finds a new world and new world order.
Worldreader proudly presents this ebook in a new series of children’s and adult books from Sub-Saharan Africa. Worldreader is a non-profit organization committed to delivering digital books to children and families in the developing world using e-book technology

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