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Certificate Business Studies Stundents Book 4


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The Certificate Business Studies series exhaustively addresses the objectives and requirements of the revised Business Studies secondary school syllabus. The series is content-rich and packed with distinctive learning features, bringing a wonderful new dimension to learning Business Studies! The Student’s Book for Form 4 has been conceptualized, researched and developed by a team of subject experts, examiners and teachers. It offers: 1. Comprehensive coverage of the revised syllabus in an easy-to-grasp manner. 2. Suitable structured tasks, activities, exercises and case studies. 3. Relevant modern-day examples that encourage the development of skills, values and positive attitudes. 4. Clear and appropriate illustrations and photographs. 5. A glossary to explain key concepts. 6. An attractive design and layout. The book is designed to aid learners gain knowledge and understand concepts in Business Studies for effective exam preparation.

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