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Chief Jotham and His Sycophants


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What happens when the ones who have been charged with the responsibility of protecting others turn out to be the ones who oppress them?
This book does not have the answer to this question. It only highlights the plight of the poor subjects of a ruthless administration. It portrays the pain they go through with very little to do. In the Village of Kirango, the people can only turn to the understanding and kindness of a senior administrator who is compelled to act only when his juniors go against the rules and blatantly break the law.
Administration of justice is discriminately applied and this makes the poor masses become timid and hence an unproductive population who operate under fear and hopelessness.
The book compares two parallel administrations one of an employer who minds about the welfare of his employees, which results in personal development to a very high level. The other one is one of a political administration that causes pain and desperation to its subjects.
The author James Mwaura Wamuhiu has written another book called THE WIDOWS OF AFRICA – DAUGHTER OF MUTI(MWARI WA MUTI). He highlighted the plight of widows in the modern society. He has not forgotten the plight of the widows in this story either.
The positive thing in this story is that injustice at one point comes to an end no matter how persistent the perpetuators are.

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