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Contemporary Psychiatry in Africa

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The development of mental health service in much of Africa has not kept pace with the increasing burden posed by mental disorders and the critical link between good mental health of the populations and overall social and economic development needs of the region.38,39 Bridging the gap between need and available resources is a major challenge for most countries, especially in the context of their extremely limited resources. This challenge is made even more daunting by the loss of a critical mass of their trained manpower to more developed and better resourced countries of Western Europe and North America.Confronting this challenge would require, among other steps, the building of partnerships within groups on the continent and with other international stakeholders. The AAPAP can be at the forefront of efforts to forget such collaborative networks. A promising partner is the World Psychiatric Association with its global reach and declared interest in the promotion of mental health service in low- and middle-income countries.

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