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Decentralization and Devolution in Kenya


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Efficient delivery of public services in Africa and other developing regions has for a long time been hindered by highly centralized government bureaucracies (Mwabu et al., 2001). In Kenya, several efforts have been made to reduce unnecessary layers of government to make service provision to the populace more effective. This book reports on recent decentralization and devolution innovations in Kenya. The volume is organized into three parts and contains a total of 12 chapters including the introduction. The chapters in Part 1 (Structures and Institutions) provide a comprehensive analysis of institutional and organizational environment in which decentralization and devolution reforms have been taking place over the last three decades. Part 2 (Principles and Processes) contains chapters that clarify decentralization and devolution concepts, with applications to selected local authorities. The chapters in Part 3 (Service Delivery and Financing) illustrate advantages of provision and financing of services at the local level, with a focus on the role of community participation in improving accountability and efficiency in resource use.

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