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Growing in Christ CRE Learner’s Book Grade 4


315 KSh


The Growing in Christ series is specially written to provide practical experiences that will build the learners’ knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith, as well as equip them with values, skills and attitudes that will assist them live well with self and others. Books in the series have a range of activities that learners will find exciting and motivating. The activities are aimed at acquisition and appreciation of the core competencies, values, and pertinent and contemporary issues.

Growing in Christ CRE Grade Four provides:

* Content that is structured according to the curriculum design.

* Activities that present real-life situations where learners can solve problems through creativity and critical thinking.

* School activities that enhance learning outside of the classroom, but within the school community.

* Home and community activities that enhance learning at home and in the community.

* Fun spots that make learning fun and exciting through songs, poems and much more.

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