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Jennifer and Jojo


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ennifer and Jojo: Friends Forever is a story about love and friendship that transcends racial barriers. It is about two girls who live in the same neighborhood, go to school together, and share a common worldview despite the fact that they come from different racial backgrounds.
The author, in a simple language that is poetic and at other times conversational, takes us on an imaginative journey through their life at home, school, and play. We share in their innocent mischief that define children at their age, their aspirations and joys. We cherish their dreams; Jennifer to be an architect and Jojo to be a doctor, thereby exploding the myth that such careers are the preserve of the male gender. However, this idyllic life is cut short by an event the girls can barely comprehend: Jojo’s father gets a transfer to another country. But the parents get together and think of a plan to lessen the impact of the impending separation.
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