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LEAPED TO FALL, The Triumphs and Tribulations of an African
Revolution, SPLM/SPLA reveals in it a flowery history of troubled
inception to the world of what became an internationally renowned,
successful African liberation movement and eventual South Sudan’s
independence national party and army, SPLM/SPLA. That over the
years proves to be a proverbial phoenix which keeps dying and rising
from its own ashes of deadly external liberation war and internal sibling
rivalries. With its top and equally prominent leaders’ carefully hidden
personality traits that safely sustain their heads above the drowning
waters decade after decade of tricky war and post-war’s governance
meticulously unveiled in a 275-page highly novelized political history.
Most prominent among them is the man behind the flashy military
fatigue photo cover in person of larger than life charismatic former
Sudanese army Colonel, SPLM/SPLA’s Chairman and Commander-In-
Chief, Dr. John Garang de Mabior. Who, in the course of the longest civil
war on African continent, metamorphosed into the immortalized face of
the African Sudanese liberation movement against the Afro-Arab
successive regimes in the Sudan till his untimely demise in the
helicopter’s crash on 30th July, 2005.

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