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Let’s Do Mathematics Activities Teacher’s Guide Grade 3


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Let’s Do Mathematics Activities is a new series specially written to provide practical experiences that support acquisition of numeracy skills for the new competency-based curriculum. The books in the series provide a wide range of activities that the learners will find exciting and motivating. These activities are aimed at acquisition of the core competences, values, and pertinent and contemporary issues (PCIs) as outlined in the curriculum.
The Teacher’s Guide is designed to help the teacher to successfully deliver the new competency-based curriculum through:

A detailed introduction to new competency-based curriculum
A detailed teaching framework help the teacher spread the lessons in each sub-strand throughout the year
A detailed teaching sequence to assist the teacher to plan and develop each lesson.
Helpful hints on class management, group work and differentiated learning. Guidance formative and summative assessment strategies.

Together, the Learner’s Book and the Teacher’s Guide provide learners and teachers with all they need to succeed in the new competency-based curriculum.

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