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Longhorn Secondary Chemistry Students Book 2


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This Secondary Chemistry Series is a new course developed in line with the new curriculum implemented from 2003.1t fulfils all the goals and targets of the secondary Chemistry syllabus. The Series makes learning Chemistry easier and enjoyable by:

presenting the contents in well and logically organised topics which facilitate sequential transition from one concept to the next.
presenting Chemistry as a practical subject where learning and development of skills and knowledge is mostly by discovery way of experimental investigations.
emphasising the use of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) system of nomenclature while still retaining some of the commonly used nomenclature for the purpose of guiding in understanding.
providing activities, exercises and projects in every topic which help in arriving at the desired logical conclusions.
providing well – guided experiments with apparatus carefully suggested for each activity.
giving chances for self – testing through revision exercises and self – check tests.
numerous and appropriate illustration of apparatus and experiment set ups.
Secondary Chemistry Form 2 adequately and appropriately covers the topics outlined in the Chemistry syllabus for Form 2. It is written by highly experienced authors in Chemistry.

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