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Marriage: Real Or Forced Duty?


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Sometimes, single adults feel compelled to get into marriage. The driving force could be as a result of personal inner most emotions, societal pressure, family pressure, need for children e.t.c. it?s important for any person in this situation to realize that marriage is a binding agreement that need not to be taken lightly. Marriage is gradually and steadily becoming an individual?s decision to make. This is why it is a topic of concern for individuals who wish to. No doubt,for one to get to marriage he or she must be extremely careful just like one has to be extremely careful before getting out of marriage.Getting to marriage and out cannot be taken casually hence the need for one to consult wildly all forms of understanding about the topic.The marriage institution has caused stress, frustrations and even death to some individuals,the only way to avoid this is to make informed decisions and not being moved by emotions or doing so to please people.The book tries to equip the reader with the correct instruments to make the right decision.

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