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Mathematics Activities Grade 1


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Longhorn Mathematics Activities Grade I Learner, concise end comprehensive book developed in line with the new competency-based Curriculum for Grade I. It is the book of choice to many learners and teachers in that it

Strictly follows the competency-based learning approach that emphasizes mastery of concepts.
Presents concepts and content through very interactive learner-centered activities set in the learner, environment
involves the learner in the learning process through active participation and activities.
Uses a very simple language to communicate concepts and comment clearly.
Provides concise notes and numerous examples of each concept to enhance mastery
Provides a practice exercise for each concept to give learners an opportunity to practice, and to assess their mastery of concepts.
Contains full-color illustrations that clearly portray objects and concepts in their natural setting,
Guides the teacher on the pedagogical approaches appropriate for implementing the new competency-based curriculum.
The guide also provides answers to exercises and activities.

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