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Maua Kwenye Jua la Asubuhi


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Maua Kwenye Jua la Asubuhi is a play that confronts the challenges of the so-called tribal clashes in an un-named African country fostered by petty ethnic politics. Two ethnic groups – the Watange, on one side and the Wandiku on the other are poised against each other. The Watange claim that the land upon which they live is their ancestral land and that the Wandiku just acquired land there recently thereby infringing on Watange’s property rights.Chebwe, a Mtange who is full of dislike for the Wandiku, will do anything including using all the finances he can marshal to evict Wandiku from the disputed land. Similarly Kabitho who is a Mndiku is driven by the blind anger from the pain of seeing his people being evicted in what they consider their rightful property. His community has lost property during the war in which hundreds of women and children were their children killed.

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