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Mea and the Golden egg


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A lazy mother hen gets one chick and calls her Lea. Lea becomes a good friend of the farmers’ son called Mea. Their friendship saves Lea’s mother from being slaughtered the first time. Lea promises to help Mea when she becomes a grown-up hen. One day, Lea lays a golden egg and gives it to Mea. It finally hatches onto a lump of gold and Mea becomes rich. Mea and the Golden Egg is the fourth story in a series of six supplementary class readers to be used with Keynote English, our rewarding primary English course designed for the new syllabus. The class readers will be useful with any course book and can also be read for pleasure outside the classroom setting. The other class readers for Standard Five are: My Tortoise Song (5A), A Sack of Money (5B), Brave Girls (5C), Madigolo Goes to School (5E), and Neema and the Bird (5F).

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