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Moran Secondary Biology Student’s Book 3


339 KSh


A comprehensive new series written to cover the Secondary Biology syllabus for Kenya. Throughout this Students’ Book 1, there are numerous experimental activities that cover the necessary syllabus skills, exercises to provide practice of examination questions and examples of biology being applied in modern Kenya. There are also useful appendices covering topics such as laboratory safety, collecting and displaying experimental data, examination techniques and SI units. All of this is presented in a clear design with attractive illustrations so that all students find the book easy to use. This course will meet the needs of all Kanyan students studying Biology for KCSE examinations and beyond. The accompanying Biology Teacher’s Guide 1 provides guidance and support for teachers.

• Fully covers the Kenya secondary biology syllabus.

• Uses attractive design with colorful illustrations and photographs

• Gives clear learning objectives for each topic

• Includes comprehensive exercises in every chapter to prepare students for KCSE examinations

• Provides carefully selected practical activities suitable for all Kenyan schools

• Gives extensive examples from Kenya, East Africa and other places

• Has KCSE-style review questions at the end of every chapter to reinforce student learning

• Uses an applied approach, linking biology to everyday life

• Promotes the understanding of topical real-life issues, such as the environment and HIV/AIDS

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