Primary CRE is a new series that focuses on the wholesome growth of the learners. The series has been developed in line with the new syllabus and employs a child-centred approach to teaching, in which everything is presented from a child’s perspective. The series also employs a life approach to teaching where the learners are helped to apply what they have learnt to their daily lives. Primary CRE Teachers’ Guide Two is meant to guide the teacher to effectively use the Pupils’ Book for better lesson delivery. It contains lesson objectives, lesson preparation, and ample suggestions to help the Teacher at every stage of teaching. Every CRE lesson has five stages as spelt out in the teaching methodology. This Teachers’ Guide, therefore, closely follows the five stages and provides explicit directions at every stage. The Guide also contains numerous suggested activities, writing exercises and games to be done with the guidance of the teacher. Useful hints on the most suitable activity for a given lesson are provided. The Teachers’ Guide contains the structure upon which the Pupils’ Book is built. It should therefore be used with the Pupils’ Book.

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