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Queenex Environmental Activities PB Grade 1


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Queenex Environmental Activities Book for Grade 1 is designed to enable the learner to acquire knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that will enable exploration of the environment for enjoyment, learning and problem-solving. The competencies will form a basis for concepts to be acquired at higher levels of learning for sustainable development.
Colourful illustrations have been used to keep the learner interested. Community-based activities have also been included to expose the learner to the environment and enforce the importance of conserving it.
This book is approved by The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development. It is based on the New Competency-Based Curriculum.The comprehensive course is written specifically for Grade 1 level. This book is designed to provide the learner with a strong foundation in skills that are essential. It enhances values and core competencies for learners. The skills acquired will be useful in day to day life.

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