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South Sudan the Making of a Nation, a Journey from Ethnic Polities to Self-rule, State and Democracy
narrates a unique and more chronological architecture of South Sudan’s history straddling not less than
200 years period. In both texts and pictures, the book chronicles notable personalities who played
leading roles in first and second liberations from 1820 to date. These personalities turned heroes and
heroines are not only limited to selectively idolized and privileged few. Also included is an array of
naked villagers who confronted with traditional spears and animal skin shields the single shot rifles-wielding
colonial Turco and Anglo-Egyptian invaders. Not forgetting those armed with AK- 47 machine
guns having finally gunned down once regional military power house, the oppressive Sudanese state.
Worth remembered as well, are individuals who helped puncture the strength of colonial authorities
from behind the blazing guns with soft power of the pen and sweetness of the tongue. Among them are
daring media, prayerful church, energetic youths and ever caring mothers who traded off their lives
with sweet freedom during an annihilative war of independence. This is without overlooking the world
youngest county’s system of governance and ethnically diverse people attached to its structures as
none other than counties and states. Sources of livelihood on which natives of those governance
structures depend also prominently feature in the well-structured book. While the new country’s
wonders and internationally renowned personalities conclude a 341-page thriller that has been
recommended by many for history text book adoption.

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