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The Four Friends


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Many years ago, in a faraway country there lived four young men who were very good friends. One was the son of a sorcerer. His name was Simon, and he knew magic. He had learnt the art of magic from his father and had now become very skilful. The second was Peter, the son of a doctor. He was very skilful and wise too. He had learnt all about medicine from his father.
The third was Rupert, the son of a woodcarver. He had a creative mind and strong nimble fingers. Like his friends, he too had learnt the skill of his father—in his case— woodcarving. The fourth friend was Derek, the son of a king. He was very handsome and charming. Everyone in his kingdom admired him very much. All the four friends loved each other. Now, all these four lads were to follow their fathers’ professions, but before settling down, they all wanted to go out for some great adventures

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