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The Green Cross of Kafira


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In this last play, published posthumously, the late Francis Imbuga, the giant of Kenyan theatre, presents the dramatic dialogue of his characters as mind games. In addition to using a narrator Sikia Macho to fil us in on the broken politics of Kafira, centring as they do around detention without trial, Imbuga deliberately delays the inciting action, the formation of the Green Party of Kafira which then challenges the hitherto political monolith called the National Party. The candidate of the new party, former detainee Pastor Mgei, wins the election, and thereby dethrones the so-called Chief of Chiefs. In the Green Cross of Kafira, Imbuga with a renewed sense of urgency, addresses the theme of dictaroship in Africa, and shows unequivocally that this cruel form of government will not last forever. This last play completes the Kafira plays which began with Betrayal in the City then followed by Man of Kafira. There is a well-written foreword by Dr. J. Roger Kurtz, Professor of English, Department of African and African American Studies, The Collge at Brockport, State University of New York.

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