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The Stone Hills of Maragoli


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“The Stone Hills of Maragoli was first published by Acacia Publishers. Now in its second edition print run under the Kwani? Series, it has received enthusiastic reviews

?It is a story of the simple things of rural areas which turn out to be the pivots of life and told by a writer who has a way with word.? Wahome Mutahi, Sunday Nation.

?What makes The Stone Hills of Maragoli so special is that it has no pretensions about attempting to address issues of modernity, of city life, of ?clash of cultures?, of the rural- urban divide…the issues it deals with are as immediate, even if they are beyond the gaze, beyond the limits of the urbanity that attracts most writers.? Richard Bartlet, African Review of Books

?Once in a while I come across a novel that affirms life, without cheapening it, or sensationalizing; a book that presents a human condition with such mastery, it makes one proud to be alive?they are, for me, the sort of books that make literature great.?
– Binyavanga Wainaina, Sunday Standard.”

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