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The Stubborn


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The Kikuyu people of central Kenya have a proverb to the effect that “everybody regrets not what he leaves but what he does not find when he comes back.” This appears to be the main didactic moral in the theme of our novel, “The Stubborn.”
Okello, the main character in the novel, is brought up at great sacrifice and deprivation by a poor young family at Arusha whose cherished ambition is to secure a happier life for their son after giving him sound education and wide employment potentials. But alas, Okello is stubborn to good advice and falls prey to bad company, indolence, and criminal pursuits. The novel unfolds in this world of crime and portrays the dark initiatives of the unworthy n the setting of an African town in the post independence era.
Law soon catches up with Okello who is arrested by police and thrown into court for looting in town. Social morality is driven back to Okello by the state corrective institutions w

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