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The Widows of Africa


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This is a story about a typical African widow written by one of her eight children, who she brought up single handedly. She was widowed at young age before Kenya attained independence in 1963.she worked in European farms in Karen in the suburbs of Nairobi as a a gardener before she settled in Loitokitok on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro where she bought a small piece of land for subsistence farming.
The Authr, Jmaes Mwaura Wamuhiu is the second lst child and the eldest son. He passionately and deliberately tells the story of his mother,in so doing he attempts to comfort,pay tribute,give hope,inspire and convince widows out there that with honour and determination, coupled with the Grace of God one can make it even if life looks dim after the demise of a husband.
The author has special honour and a soft spot for women who retain the honour of their husbands even though under very difficult conditions

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