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Weight of Whispers


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“”” The collection of teeth in the man?s mouth is a splendid brown. I have never seen such teeth before. Refusing all instruction, my eyes focus on dental contours and craters. Denuded of any super?cial pretence; no braces, no ?llings, no toothbrush, it is a place where small scavengers thrive.

Evidence! The man giggles.””

Yvonne Owuor won the 2003 Caine Prize with her evocative tale of a Rwandan aristocrat who fled to Kenya in the wake of the 1994 genocide. Characters in this tale come draped in the country?s history, wrapping the world?s dramas around the personal as they struggle to adjust to their lengthy fall from grace. Inthis story of exile and death, Owuor draws us a masterful portrait of the quest for light and life.”

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