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Worldview: From Common Sense to Reason with tongue in cheeks tells readers how the world in a 276-page title from Africa to Asia and Americas to Europe, is governed from various scientific, socio-political and economic perspectives with all their good and ugly, truths and pretenses. All of which are defined by selfish spirit that is more of a consciousness about insurmountable emotional need and resultant concomitant failure of most socio-political systems, except capitalism, to tame it.
Coupled, in parts, with some authoritarian kleptocrats grudgingly being smoked out of ivory towers to open grounds and dense parks; where they are regrouping and plotting a vengeful return to the pinnacles. And so strong they are in weaving the antagonized NGOs and civil society groups into what one Kenya Daily nation?s popular columnist Charles Onyango-Obbo refers to as allied forces of regime de-legitimization crusade. A threat, according to this book?s writer, that makes it necessary to dismember an all-powerful-killer presidency in Africa and share its glorious trappings amongst covetous, key predators threatening its life and that of state sovereignty.

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